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The main objective of company is to develop a new educational framework which can plan, implement, supervise and regulate the developing needs for IT skills in the 21st century in the State of Rajasthan by promoting the IT enabled education programs as practiced in the Departments of School, Higher, Technical and Medical Education, Government of Rajasthan and to take all such action as may be deemed to be necessary to provide high quality education including better connectivity, computer skills and co-ordination amongst all educational institutions, universities, students and the Government, as well as to obtain sponsorships, institutional backups and financial support for the present and future programs and responsibilities accepted on behalf of the State Government.

  • To create an IT environment.
  • To create competitive manpower for IT and IT enabled service.

  • Moving people up the value chain by bridging the digital divide & resultant Knowledge Divide.

  • Digital Literacy
  • e-Learning
  • e-Governance
  • e-Services
  • e-Empowerment

  • Incorporated on 28 September, 2009
  • Business Operations commenced on November 16, 2009
  • SUNRISE ITGK affiliation started from January 2010
  • 11 years of self-sustaining, wealth-creating and ever growing operations with social accountability
  • Empanelled District Lead center on August 27th 2013.
  • Empanelled Service provider on July 13th 2016
  • Empanelled Training Partner Pardhan Mantri Koushal Vikash Yojna Dec 2017.
  • Empanelled Training Partner Rajasthan Skill & Livelihoods Development Corporation.
  • Life Long Learning through Information Technology :a key to development in knowledge economy.
  • Booked double digit growth in business for itself and its partners
  • Built the largest network of 259 + partners for IT Training and IT Enabled Training
  • Successfully trained 1 lakh+ state citizens in digital literacy till date.

Moving Towards a Knowledge Economy -

Creating a knowledge-led economy and knowledge-based societies in the world is a key to survival and development of people in the emerging knowledge era.

SUNRISE believes that there is a great potential in societies to emerge as a knowledge-led economy thanks to their large but latent talent pool. The challenge exists in transforming their predominantly agrarian or industrial economy into a new knowledge-led economy.

This Transformation can be reached by imbibing a culture of life-long learning. The severe threat of marginalization of the masses emerging from the Digital Divide and Knowledge Divide can be effectively averted through mass IT literacy. Only an IT Literate society can enjoy a greater share of global business opportunities and global job opportunities.

SUNRISE is an entrepreneurial endeavor to bridge this Digital Divide and the resultant Knowledge Divide by offering actionable knowledge to masses for socio-economic transformation.

SUNRISE'S synthesis of a new paradigm of education is to offer education:

  • To very large and diverse population with various diversities -  Bigger
  • With high quality of relevance and applicability in life and work- Better
  • At an affordable cost- Cheaper
  • Within shortest possible time -  Faster
  • With wide accessibility from metros to villages -  Wider
  • In a mass-personalized and deeper experiential manner- Deeper


SUNRISE attempts to address these six challenges simultaneously by pervasive and appropriate use of IT for empowerment of the masses in general and youth in particular.

  1. Enabling Programs

    These programs create an enabling environment, infrastructural facilities, technological and managerial support for the other programs to take-off and sustain. They themselves are not the direct lines of business but are the lines to enable the business in other programs. These programs are:

    1.1 Channel Partner Network Management Program - MYSUNRISE

    1.3 eLearning Frameworks Development Program - iLearn

  2. Educational Program

    2.1 IT Literacy Program = RS-CIT

    2.2 Financial Literacy Program = RS-CFA

    2.3 Employability Enhancement Course: RS-CEE (Spoken English and Personality Development)

    2.4 Vocational Course for Govt. Schools = CLICK (Computer Literacy Initiative for Comprehensive Knowledge)

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